Company History

A & M Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning was incorporated in June of 1978. In August of 2001 ownership of the company was transferred to the original founder’s son, Vince Torraca and the company took the name A & M Case & Cooler Inc. Vince earned his mechanical engineering degree from Steven’s Institute of Technology in May of 1990 and worked for Johnson Controls, Inc. in Union, NJ for 3 years prior to joining A & M full time in April of 1991.

For many years the company focused mostly on maintaining the equipment found in supermarkets and refrigerated warehouses in the Jersey City – Newark, NJ area. As a result, we have a strong dedication to service. In 1993, the company began focusing some of its attention on projects that utilized creativity and experience to develop solutions for its customers. It began proposing retrofit and installation ideas to its existing customer base. These fresh ideas often required “thinking-outside-the-box”. Whether it involved updating/remodeling an existing supermarket while it remained open for business or incorporating new technology like XDX for an existing system to reduce defrost, increase refrigeration capacity and provide higher humidity levels, our “solutions” really began picking up steam. We became very well known in 3 vertical markets; Supermarkets, Bakeries, and Meat Packing Plants.

Today, we are a stocking dealer for continuous line insulated panels and insulated doors. Many of our solutions incorporate building an insulated structure of some kind; clean rooms for manufacturing, blast freezers, process and manufacturing prep packaging areas, walk-in refrigerators/freezers, and beverage coolers with display doors that allow rear loading and storage for extra product.

We are also capable of selling, servicing and/or installing the following:
  • Howe industrial ice flakers
  • Voght Industrial tube ice machines
  • Mueller falling film potable water chillers
  • Chester-Jensen falling film chillers (direct expansion and flooded evaporator)
  • Trane process chillers
  • Drake packaged chillers
  • CPC controls
  • Parallel compressor rack systems such as Tyler Enviroguard
  • Used and/or remanufactured display cases
  • New display cases
  • Imported curved glass & spepcialty cases including modular matching counters & cabinets
  • Blast freezers and other cold-storage structures (indoor or outdoor)
  • Interfacing with various Building Automation Systems
  • Grasso/Thermatrol/Schnacke belt drive compressors
  • Supermarket shelving
A&M Case & Cooler Inc
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